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I AM Magazin

Art Direction, Branding and Illustration

We created the branding, design and illustrations for I AM Magazine – a german magazine for spiritual and personal growth by Laura Malina Seiler. The magazine is published annually by Funke Media Group and found in all magazine shelves and book stores in german speaking countries.

I AM are two of the most powerful words. Everything coming after has the power to shape your reality. Inspired by the idea of »unfolding« we added a hand-drawn touch to every photo and even the logo to inspire people to find their true I AM.

CLIENT: Funke Media Group
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Sandra Schönbein
EDITOR-AT-LARGE: Laura Malina Seiler

// published four times a year in book stores and magazine shops
AGENCY: PUTU PAULINA and Juliane Ollendorf (collaborating as studio wildkind)
ART DIRECTION: Juliane Ollendorf, Putu Paulina Merta
DESIGN AND ILLUSTRATION: Juliane Ollendorf, Putu Paulina Merta, Friederike Grosse

I AM Magazin by Laura Malina Seiler
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